Introduction to Python

This course introduces you to the basics of Python. Its a course for beginners and helps you grow without even a developer background.

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What will i learn?
  • Have an understanding of what is Python.
  • Have an understanding of what Python is used for.

Curriculum for this course
10 Lessons 01:36:23 Hours
10 Lessons 01:36:23 Hours
  • #1 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Getting Started with Python 00:08:33
  • #2 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Getting Started with Python 00:14:49
  • #3 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Variables in Python 00:10:22
  • #4 Python Tutorial for Beginners | List in Python 00:10:42
  • #5 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Tuple | Set in Python 00:06:41
  • #6 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Dictionary In Python 00:12:24
  • #7 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Python Set Path in Windows and Help 00:05:53
  • #8 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Python Editor | Sublime Text 00:03:11
  • #9 Python Tutorial for Beginners | More on Variables in Python 00:09:13
  • #10 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Data Types in Python 00:14:35
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Understanding programming concepts
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In this course we will see :

- What is python

- Why to learn it

- Why it is so useful Python is one of the fastest growing language Python is interpreted, object oriented, high level, procedure oriented language

It has different versions. The reason behind it is there are huge number of libraries available in the market, many companies and developers are using it and it can be implemented in many areas.

It is general Purpose language as it can be used in Machine learning, GUI, Software Development, Web development and many more. Google, YouTube, Dropbox, NASA, Yahoo use python.

Reddit totally uses python

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    Mercy Lumes
    Best introduction course
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